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Investing in the Future with Young Entrepreneurs

Investing in the Future with Young Entrepreneurs

I am incredibly honoured and privileged to present to the finalists of the Gold Coast Mayor’s Telstra Technology Awards tomorrow at Bond University, on the topic of Marketing & Branding.

This presentation is part of a 4-week mentoring series these high-school students get as part of their final preparation for their presentations in just a few short weeks.

I am speaking to these young entrepreneurs on behalf of my dear friends at Startup Apprentice, who have an awesome mission to inspire young minds and encourage entrepreneurship through in-school programs and workshops. In fact, several of the finalists in this years’ awards are Startup Apprentice graduates.

I have been a long time supporter and advocate of Startup Apprentice, and I have a real passion for encouraging young entrepreneurs.

I believe that the earlier we expose kids to the possibilities of their own brilliance, teach them the basics of business building, and encourage them to have a go,  fail fast and to go again, the brighter their future prospects will be.

You see, we’re living in exponentially evolving times and I’m not the first to say that by the time these kids are in their mid-30’s, many of the jobs that exist today may no longer exist at all. I believe the #winners at that time, will be the ones that know how to think outside the box. The ones that learnt how to invent, and re-invent themselves, their businesses and their products and adapt to the times. The ones that are not afraid to adopt new technology, to get creative with how they leverage and apply it and the ones with the business know how to successfully commercialise it.

I believe these are every day essential skills that too many of our kids are missing out on. It scares me to look at many of today’s youth and see the increasing number of them that are staying ‘in the nest’, too afraid to step out into the big world, spread their wings and take a risk on themselves. That mentality will mean you get left behind.

So I applaud, encourage and support these students and these young entrepreneur initiatives because they are offering something priceless to our young people – something that I certainly wish I’d had more of when I was in school. And I certainly look forward to more and more of these types of programs and opportunities becoming available to our youth. The more the better I say!

— Katrina | Founder, Winning By Design



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