Why divorcing coffee was the best decision ever

Why divorcing coffee was the best decision ever

I used to hate coffee.

As a kid, I’d watch my dad drink it religiously (you know that instant stuff that is only okay once you get used to it for too many years)… and so any time I’d tried it (his super strong and awful blend) I couldn’t fathom how so many people were so addicted to it. No, obsessed with it.

And then I became an entrepreneur. And I began to have countless meetings, which were inevitably at various coffee shops. And over time I started to try coffee… the sweet milky ones at first, that are really more like some sort of warm milkshake… and then gradually the more plain ones that most people survive on.

Until one day I woke up and realised I’m one of those five-cups-a-day, don’t-talk-to-me-before-I’ve-had-my-coffee types. I had become one of those.

I had become a slave to the caffeine hit… I had bought my ticket for the caffeine rollercoaster – and I couldn’t get off. 

I stopped one day, after noticing myself getting ever more tired, irritable and sluggish and said to myself “I’m SURE I never used to be like this…”

But the caffeine haze was so thick, I couldn’t actually remember.

I had no idea how much my innocent hot-beverage choices, intended to help me be more alert, had actually put me in a massive brain-fog.

New Years eve was approaching and as I do every year, I started to think about what reasonable and achievable personal goals I could set for myself, goals that I knew I should probably have but wouldn’t be too disappointed if I ended up lacking the discipline to make them happen… and quitting coffee was high on the list. I was interested to see if removing my caffeine drip would give me more mental clarity, or whether I was just imagining things.

So the first day of the year rolled around and like all good resolutions, I took the leap and reluctantly avoided coffee for the first day. And the second, and third. And oh boy… were those interesting days.

I had the mother-of-all-headaches for 3 days straight, I was crankier than a bear with a sore head and there were many times that I SERIOUSLY reconsidered my short-lived commitment to quitting caffeine… but I persevered.

And BOY am I glad I did. On the fourth day, I woke up bright and early (which NEVER happens for me) and with a clarity of mind that I couldn’t remember having in the longest time.

I bounced out of bed, with a smile and was SO excited at the level of energy and vibrance I felt… I WAS RIGHT!! Coffee had slowly and sneakily taken me down, and fought hard to keep me there, but I had conquered my coffee addiction and I was BACK!

My clear mind and plentiful energy continued for the days and weeks to follow, and I knew then that divorcing coffee was one of the best decisions I’d ever made.

I did of course miss the warmth and flavour, which had grown a special place in my heart, so I still enjoy a decaf coffee from time to time – but thankfully I’ve not even been tempted to get back on the caffeine boat… that ship has long sailed for me and I’m glad I’m not on it!

Have you tried and succeeded (or failed) to give up coffee? Share your story below – I’d love to hear from you!

— Katrina Voevodin, Founder | Winning By Design



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